Air conditioning an important component for your Vehicles Life

Air-condition is an important component of your car and something that needs to be monitored as part of the regular service. The air conditioning system in the car helps to keep the temperature cool and comfortable inside the car and helps to remove pollutants and other airborne bacteria that may be present inside the vehicle. Managing without air conditioning may be difficult on days when the temperature outside is extremely high.

Like all other parts and components of the car, air conditioning also should be checked regularly during the service as applicable and necessary measures taken to ensure that it is working without any issues. Car air conditioning regas or recharge is also something that is recommended to be done periodically to maintain the good and effective working of the air conditioning.

Some of the benefits and reasons why the air conditioning needs to be maintained well along with the other components are

  • Helps to improve or sustain fuel efficiency which is a more economic option
  • Proper functioning of the air conditioning
  • Safer and more comfortable drive by taking care of mist and dehumidifying features
  • Ensuring regas and recharge is done over 2 years which is the usual recommendation
  • Identify any potential complains or leaks with the air conditioning equipment and fix it proactively

One can notice a need for regas or a potential issue with the air conditioning when the temperature inside the car may not be under control during hot days even after switching on the air conditioning. The cooling effect may be comparatively lower and the temperature inside the car may not be coming down as expected. The air coming out of the vents may also not be as cold as it would be in a normal scenario.

The technician should ideally perform a full verification of the air conditioning system along with the service at an appropriate time. During regas, the technician would also take care of refreshing the refrigerant. A certain percentage of refrigerant is lost over some time with the functioning of the air condition and that’s the reason behind the need to do a regas or recharge at a recommended frequency.

A suggested approach is to get the regas done by a professional technician rather than doing it ourselves. The process can be unsafe, difficult, time-consuming and dangerous too with chances of burns when there is accidental contact with the refrigerant and other chemicals while doing the regas procedure. There are chances of the equipment getting damaged as well if not done properly. Hence, it is always recommended to avail professional services.

One can also make use of the car air conditioning recharge kits that are also available in the market. The type of regas kit to be used may vary depending on the model of the vehicle, type of air conditioning system used and other related features. It is always recommended to buy a good quality kit for the regas of the car. While using the skit ourselves is a possibility, it may not be a good approach for non-professional technicians to try out the regas of the car themselves. There are always chances of things going wrong resulting in a more complicated situation and equipment becoming faulty.

Lot of mechanics and technicians are available around the Melbourne area who provide good air conditioning and regas services for their clients. The services can be availed at a reasonable cost and package offered as far as maintenance steps are concerned. Walk-in or book an appointment with one of the better auto care companies and get regas done periodically to enjoy the comfort of air conditioning in the car.

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