Everything you need to know about Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape

There are quite a few industries where adhesive tapes are not used for enhancing functionalities. Foil adhesive tapes have industrial, aerospace, electronic, automotive, and other uses and they are used for aircraft paint stripping, EMI and RFI shielding, sound and vibration suppression, and much more. Foil adhesive tapes are used for thermal management, industrial strength bonding, cold temperature, and high humidity bonding. These tapes are heat resistant, smoke and flame resistant, weather and UV resistant, chemical resistant, and heat and light reflective.

Aluminium foil tape, copper foil tape, and stainless steel tape are some of the most popular foil adhesive tapes. Aluminium foil tapes are considered ideal options for several applications due to their bonding strength, die strength, and holding properties. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of Aluminium foil tape.

Aluminum Foil Tapes:

It is considered as the best forms of insular tape due to its longevity. The aluminium tape has acrylic nature which provides required thermal management. Compared with the tapes with rubber adhesives, it adds more cohesion and adhesion. Aluminium foil tape does not degrade easily when exposed to UV light. The same acrylic properties of Aluminium foil tape make it stronger and flame resistant compared to other options. Other forms of thermal tape require additional accessories to work correctly, which is not required for Aluminium foil tape.

Aluminium foil tape is easy to apply. These tapes are not messy, and there are less equipment required for its application. Safety equipment such as eye protection, gloves, special clothes are required for using other alternatives. It does not need metal screws, drywall mesh, etc., to seal large areas.

There are different types of Aluminium foil tapes available, such as heat resistant Aluminium foil tape, reinforced heat-resistant Aluminium foil tape, and heat resistant fibreglass backed Aluminium foil tape. These tapes varied in thickness and sized which you can choose as per your requirement. These tapes are used to reflect heat from sensitive engine parts and for many repair jobs at home. Reinforced heat resistant foil tape can withstand temperature up to 600°C. While Aluminium foil tape with fibreglass backing has various uses including boats, racing cars, aircraft, and industrial kitchens.

The quality of Aluminium foil tape depends on the manufacturer’s designing techniques as well. It is essential to find a trusted manufacturer that provides products that are reliable on demanding circumstances. Whether you are looking for Aluminium adhesive tape, Aluminium foil tape, or aluminium duct tape, you should look for a reliable supplier that provides high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Apart from Aluminium foil tape, you can also find other products including heat shield protection, gold foil products for the automotive industry, heatproof paint, foil bubble insulation, heat insulation, and much more from the same company. Look for a company that believes in serving its customers in the best possible way.


Adhesive tapes have multiple applications, including industrial, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and several others. Different adhesive tapes are made to serve different purposes with their wide range of sizes and thickness. These high resistance adhesive tapes have excellent market demand due to their heat resistant, smoke and flame resistant, weather and UV resistant, and light-reflective capabilities.

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