How Does Hydraulic Tipper Trailer Aids in Covering Long Distances for Heavy Loads?

Larry has an import/export business where he needed heavy machinery to be carried from one city to another and from one country to another. His business required a trailer with high capacity for carrying loads but should be lightweight that can travel to long distances without any hassle.

He started looking out for trailers that are best suited for his needs and takes some burden off his shoulders in this situation. After all the hard work and reading recommendations and reviews, he decided to invest in hydraulic tipper trailers.

And owing one made him feel no less than a king of import/export business!

Little More About Hydraulic Tipper Trailers

Hydraulic Tipper Trailers are designed and structured to carry heavy loads for longer distances. If you were to choose a tipper trailer, a heavy-duty tradesman quality hydraulic tipper trailer is the one for you.

High load-bearing capacity is one of the many attributes that makes it a first choice. Other than that, roller rocker suspensions, Japanese bearings, split cage and Australian compliance makes it even worthier to own for your business.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly trailer, you can buy one in a hydraulic tipper trailer that serves your every need.

  • Heavy Duty 3500kg ATM 12×7 tipper trailer with split 300mm side,
  • 600mm split cage
  • H-bars
  • Slide-out ramps
  • 8 leaf (60mmx7mm wide springs) Roller rocker suspension
  • checker plate floor and sides
  • Main chassis is 100x50x5mm & 4mm RHS with flooring frame made from 150x50x4mm and 70×50 and 50x50x2.5mm RHS
  • Drawbar 5mm 50x100mm RHS with a length of 1800mm
  • Axles are heavy-duty solid 50x50mm
  • 10-inch electric brakes with parallel hubs (Japanese bearings),
  • NEW Wheels and tyres 6 stud 15inch steel mag wheels with 215/70 tires (brand new)
  • Tare weight 1500kg
  • Aggregate Trailer Mass 3500kg.
  • LED lights included (so you never have to worry about blown bulbs again), Reflectors included
  • A spare tyre can be added for $180
  • Flat or round trailer plug included (just let me know which one you want
  • Fully Australian complied comes with Compliance Plate and VIN.
  • Registration can be offered to Victorian Buyers for $145
  • Unregistered vehicle permits can be offered to interstate buyers for $35
  • Can ship, ask for a quote

Why Buy From U-Beaut Trailers?

It is hard to gauge a shop offering quality trailers.

Larry was quite perplexed initially, but he chose a shop offering the best customer service and reliable transport system.

He is now a loyal customer of U-Beaut Trailers!

U-Beaut Trailers is the top manufacturer of various types of trailers in Melbourne. From lightweight trailers for a car to galvanized box trailers designed to perform the heavy-duty, you get it all here.

If you need a budgeted trailer, you can indeed look into the stock trailers for sale in the shop, which will be the best deal for you for your specific needs!

Excellent in assisting you in making a wise choice among the variety of trailers available, U-Beaut Trailers indeed gives excellent services right from when you walk in the store until you make your purchase.

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