How to choose perfect sunglasses for your eyes

A vast range of sunglasses is available in the market. Online shops are also ready to attract customers who want high-rate sunglasses. It is a lively scene, but sometimes, excess services or products create confusion, especially when similar options are available.

If you are also planning to buy sunglasses online in Australia, many options exist that can throw you off the track. But, do not worry! We have made this blog to help you choose ideal sunglasses that make a perfect match with your face.

Before we discuss your preferences, let us discuss the criteria you need to consider before buying mirror finish sunglasses in Australia.

Material of lens:

Various lens materials are available to serve your aesthetic needs. Glass lenses are a traditional choice for sunglass lovers. It’s a heavier choice, but it is more resistant to scratches.

Among lighter lens materials, CR-39 is a popular lens material that is indeed a plastic made with the help of hard resin. Polycarbonate is also a lens material that is a synthetic plastic. These materials are lightweight, but there should be no doubt about their strength.

The tinting of lens:

Sometimes you need to block a large percentage of light while engaged in activities like snow-skiing or mountain climbing. Sunglasses block more than 90% of light for this purpose. Purchase sunglasses that block 70% to 90% of light if you have to drive a lot. Lenses that block 60% or less light are excellent when you buy your sunglasses online in Australia.

Quality of lens:

Glass lenses and polycarbonate lenses do not have wavy patterns on their surface. High-quality lenses come with equally distributed colours across the entire surface. In brief, mirror finish sunglasses in Australia do not come with distortions, which we often observe only in cheap-quality sunglasses.

Special features:

We are sure you have heard the terms anti-glare lenses, water-proof lenses, scratch-resistant lenses etc. These terms indicate that the lens has special features to improve its functionality. These features are added to sunglasses with the help of a number of technologies.

Design of frame and lens:

Your eye is protected from the light that comes through the lens in a sunglass with a standard frame, but there is no protection from light from other areas.

Specially designed frames with large-sized lenses protect your eyes from extra light coming from other angles as well.

Material of the frame:

Cheap sunglasses come with normal wireframes or are made up of plastic. Well-known brands that make mirror finish sunglasses in Australia use metal or composite frames. These frames are lightweight and more durable than wire or plastic frames.

So, these are the main criteria to help you select ideal sunglasses in Australia.

Before you finally decide to purchase sunglasses of your choice, you would want to have a glance at the shape of your face. Angular sunglasses will work for you if you have a round face, and a square face needs round-shaped sunglasses.

Moreover, do not buy an extra-large frame that is not suitable for your face. At the same time, an extra-small frame would also look odd on your face.

While choosing grey, black or blue lens sunglasses in Australia, consider your skin colour. The colours of your clothes should also match the colour of your sunglasses.

These tips should be helpful while you buy high-grade sunglasses to enhance your style or protect your eyes from sunshine, sand, or irritants.

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