How to choose the right rain tank pump and Pond pump for your needs

Rainwater tanks are a viable solution for drought-stricken areas and can be used in many ways around your home. For example, one can use rainwater during bushfires or other local fire events. Rain tank pumps are vital components of such systems that help maintain the rainwater system integrity by ensuring adequate pressure on the stored rainwater. Pond pumps may also be needed depending on what type of pond you want to fill with rainwater.

What is a Rain Tank Pump and Pond Tank Pump?

A rainwater tank pump is a device that circulates water from a rainwater tank to either an overhead irrigation system or a submersible irrigation system. Rainwater tanks pumps are often equipped with an automatic float switch which turns the pump on and off as needed. Pond pumps often fill a rainwater tank with water collected from a pond or other water features. Pond pumps also circulate water in a pond or water garden. Rain tank pumps and pond pumps are available in electric and solar-powered versions.

Choosing a Rain Tank Pump/ Pond Pump

When choosing a rain tank pump and pond pump, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Flow rate: This is how much water the pump can move in a given amount of time. You’ll want to choose a pump with a flow rate that is adequate for your needs.
  2. Lift height: This is how high the pump can move water. You’ll need to consider the height of your rain tank or pond to ensure the pump can reach it.
  3. Power requirements: Make sure to choose a pump powered by your existing electrical outlet.
  4. Price: Rain tank pumps and pond pumps can vary in price, so you’ll need to find one that fits your budget.
  5. Pump capacity is how much water the pump can move per hour. You need to choose a powerful pump to move the water you need it to.
  6. Pump material – Pumps are made from various materials, including plastic, stainless steel, and cast iron. Choose a pump made from a material that will withstand the conditions.

When choosing a rain tank pump or pond pump, it is essential to consider the factors above to ensure you get a perfect pump for your needs. You can find Rain tank pumps and pond pumps at Australian Waterpump Warehouse.


If you’re shopping for a rain tank pump or pond pump, At Australian Waterpump Warehouse they have a wide range of rain tank pumps and pond pumps to choose from. The pumps are made from high-quality materials and are available at competitive prices. They have a pump to suit every need, so visit their website today and find the perfect pump for you.

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