Increase in Demand for Ecommerce websites & Mobile Applications

Application development was a different ball game earlier wherein people used to work on stand-alone applications. Based on customer requirements, the software application was designed, developed, tested, and finally implemented.

Implementation generally used to happen in the form of an installation on every single machine. A simple example could be, how standard applications for word processing, calculation, etc. were implemented earlier. Next stage of development was a scenario wherein an application was installed on a centralized server, to which all users connected over a network and accessed it. How good innovation helped was that the application did not have to be installed on every single user machine. A connection to the centralized system from one’s device was enough to access the application and get stuff done.

Ever since the internet world came into the scene, Change was imminent, and the concept of application development was revolutionized. It was only a matter of time when this was bound to happen. Reason being, the dependency or the need to have an application installed for the usage of every single user had been overcome. Dependency no longer existed because people were able to access what they wanted over the internet easily.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the revolution brought in by the internet was the transformation in commercial business. A big chunk of commerce transformed into what is now referred to as E-commerce. Next significant development was the advent of smartphones which has almost nullified the need for computers unless they need many system resources that can be achieved only through a computer.

After the internet was easily accessible on computers and subsequently on smartphones, the only need for people to grow their business and develop their outreach was establishing a connection with people via their electronic gadgets like computers and smartphones. The moment people would be able to view and review with their devices, what they initially could do only in a physical store, it was a different ball game altogether.

Development of e-commerce websites and mobile applications made it possible for people to access the stores, products, and anything of their interest, sitting in the comfort of their drawing rooms. Almost every business has an eCommerce website and a mobile application these days. The websites and mobile application software are developed by sophisticated technologies, hosted on the most reliable hardware guaranteeing high availability 24×7, and designed for absolute ease of use.

A few downloads and clicks are all it takes to access the application on your computer or install it on your smartphone for use. Once installed, the ultimate customer experience provided by the applications makes it a perfect choice for users.

The earlier shopping experience was on the lines of – drive to a store, look for stuff required in a physical location, collate everything needed into a basket, stand in the queue to place an order, finally making payment, and ride back home. This took at least a few hours of effort. With e-commerce websites and mobile applications, it probably takes some minutes to do all these including the stuff you wanted, being delivered at your doorstep.

Ecommerce Web Development in Melbourne has also grown faster with the ever-growing need for web site development for new businesses being launched. Smartphones having almost overtaken computers, Mobile App Development in Melbourne obvious cannot be left far behind. It has probably gone ahead and overtaken web development since it allows people to get things done even when they move.

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