NDIS Gardeners in Sydney: Gardening, Cleaning, Maintenance

Perhaps, you are interested to gain knowledge on NDIS cleaning, gardening and maintenance. You need to know how it works. NDIS offers funding for the above tasks. However, to gain this fun, the task should be relevant to your disability. Moreover, you are to be in the eligibility bracket. Maybe, your disability issues are not allowing you to mow or take care of the lawn. Then you may avail NDIS funds to hire a gardener.

However, in certain cases, things can get a bit more complex. Such situations include if you reside in a shared house feeling unable to clean the room. In such case, the cleaner’s cost will be borne by NDIS. But the funds will be limited to just cleaning your room only. The fact considered here is that other residents can clean the other parts of the house that you may not use or have access to.

The general rule is that the NDIS Gardeners in Sydney is specialists who support people, both with/without disability issues. But the NDIS does not cover issues like fixing water pipes by a certified plumber or electricity for rewiring sockets, etc.

How NDIS plan gets funded?

NDIS tends to include several activities like home maintenance, gardening and cleaning. These are covered under Category support (Providing support with daily assistance). It is stated to be ‘Core Support’. Hence, if the core budget has funding, then it can be used to seek assistance for the garden or the house.

A support worker can be enlisted to provide assistance with those jobs that you are unable to engage with. It is stated as ‘Getting support for Personal Domestic Activities’. It is covered under the category ‘Help with Daily living support’. You can go through the portal to get more ideas.

Is it mandatory to hire only NDIS-registered businesses?

Most handymen, gardeners and cleaners are small businesses. They may not be NDIS-registered. It might be the result of not having proper resources or time. NDIS funding can be used to access these facilities if you are self or plan managed. Being NDIA managed means having to identify a NDIS registered provider.

What to do if the plan is to hire someone?

In case the plan is to avail handyman, cleaner or gardener services, then some simple steps should be taken to enable smooth experience.

  • Price agreement: Hourly rates are charged by the NDIS for such services. Hence, it is essential to agree on the amount before finalizing the deal. Remember, NDIS is unlikely to pay for amounts charged besides the hourly rate. Hence, incidental costs are to be taken into consideration.
  • Service agreement: This simple written contract specifies the type of services to be delivered, at what price and why. Establishing service agreement with the Sydney NDIS Home Builders will be essential before engaging them.
  • Valid Australia Business Number (ABN): The provider you plan to select to undertake the task should have valid ABN. Although NDIS registration is not mandatory, valid ABM will be essential to claim charges for services rendered.

Therefore, following the above will allow you to get NDIS funding for certain tasks in your home.

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