Prompt Car Removal Services With A1 Express Car Removal

Back in the day, getting cash for cars was nothing less than a nightmare. You would have to visit countless private buyers haggling over the price before finally selling it to car removal companies or car scrap yards for pennies. Unfortunately, this still exists, and used car sellers still face a hard time making reasonable cash for cars. But today, because of the Internet, advertising your vehicle, getting in touch with potential buyers, and getting cash for cars has become significantly easier, without a doubt.

While private selling still requires a lot of negotiating, selling the vehicle to a scrap car removal company has certainly been made easier by the advancement in technology. This is more true if you work with a reputable junk car removal firm like A1 Express Car Removal.

One Phone call Is All It Takes

Through a simple phone call, you can submit all your necessary vehicle information and request a free car removal service right away. A1 Express Car Removal has streamlined everything so that customers don’t have to undergo a strenuous scrap car pick up process. Be sure to provide them with all the relevant car info like make, year, model and also include any damages or dents explicitly along with the vehicle’s overall interior and exterior condition.

Within minutes of providing your vehicle information, an appraiser will get back to you via a phone call or an email with an offer that you simply won’t be able to resist. Their offers can range up to $9999 which is guaranteed to beat any of their competitor’s quotes by at least 10%. Isn’t that just amazing? As soon as you accept the offer, a removal team is dispatched and from then, everything else is just a piece of cake. The car disposal team will be at your location within a few hours at your convenience with necessary tow trucks and of course, your payment. Once they are done having a thorough look at your vehicle and loading it onto their tow trucks, you will be paid right on the spot and told to sign on some paperwork and voila! Your old unwanted car will be gone, you’ll be left with a handful of cash and a spacious garage and they’ll have one more vehicle to scrap. Everyone wins.

All in all, if you are in Australia and are tired of irrelevant and impractical results from your countless Google searches of “car scrap yard near me” and “car removal near me” then you are in luck. A1 Express Car Removal is a one-stop solution for all your car removal and disposal needs whilst making a handful of cash for yourself.

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