Top Tips for Maintaining your Swimming Pool Pumps

If you want to enjoy your swimming pool throughout the summer, taking care of your swimming pool pump is essential. If your pump has not been working efficiently, consider it the time to look for high-quality swimming pool pumps and filters.

Swimming pool pump and filter play a vital role in keeping your pool water clean. You can say that your pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool. It sucks water from the pool and pumped it back once it is cleaned through a filter. Just like you need to keep your car’s engine in perfect condition to enjoy trouble-free rides, you should maintain your pool pump to enjoy swimming with your friends and family members.

You don’t have to invest too much to keep your swimming pool pump well-maintained. Just follow these easy tips to keep your swimming pool pump highly functioning year-round.


The two most important things for your pool pump’s functionality are lubrication and moisture, even during the winter when the pool is not used. Seals and pipe joints are the most common areas where moisture leaks have to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent external damage and bearing failure. You also need to ensure that the bearings are lubricated all the time to avoid overheating of the motor, as it can lead to a critical failure of the whole system.


Create required ventilation for your swimming pool pumps. To ensure that your motor runs flawlessly, you need to create needed air circulation around the motor. If you are using a pool pump cover, create enough ventilation to keep the motor cool.


It is not quite challenging to clean the swimming pool pump’s internal mechanics, especially when your pump is well-protected from the elements. However, you can clean it using a dust broom or clean paintbrush to clear the vents’ buildup. For surfaces and motor, you can use a damp piece of cloth to wipe. Avoid direct moisture on the motor as flooding can significantly damage the motor. To avoid buildups of debris, clean filter and basket regularly.

Use shelter:

Many residential and commercial property owners are considering using a shelter to box away from the pool pump, filters, and fixtures to provide extra protection to the pump and a tidier look. When it comes to a shelter, choose a material that is rust and rot proof. It’s an advantage if it comes with a lockable hatch for the safety of kids and pets. If you have the convenience of space, you can opt for small sheds, transportable pump boxes, or sheltered covers, but make sure there is enough air circulation for the motor. Lastly, you should keep your pool chemicals away from the pump to prevent corrosion of internal parts of the motor from fumes.


These are the few tips that will help you keep your swimming pool pump well-maintained throughout the year. Apart from these tips, you should seek a professional’s help for a yearly checkup to ensure that everything is in perfect order. The best time to call a professional is in spring, before you and your family members start using the pools every day. You should also invest in high-quality water pump accessories to keep your pump fully functional. Once you know that your pool pump is working as it should be, you can start shopping for the latest swimwear to enjoy summer in style.

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