Unbeatable Dating Advice for singles – both Men and Women

When it comes to dating, most men and women are equally disappointing about their dating experience. If you have been failing at dating, and need dating advice for singles that works, then you are at the right place. When it comes to dating, men and women think completely differently. They are programmed differently, which shows in their communications, behaviour, and how they feel about the partner at the end of their date. If you have some basic ideas on how opposite sex thinks, you might want to change your game. Here are a few tips for both men and women that can make a difference in their dating adventure.

Women like to share their experience:

Whether her date has gone perfectly well or turned into a disaster, she cannot wait to share with her friends. When a woman dates, most of her close friends and family members know about it. They are part of her pre-date anxiety to the post-date conversations. Women love details, and they share it, whether it is the number of drinks they have, his jacket, or whether they kissed in the end or not. So guys, if you heard your date sharing her experience with others don’t take it in a wrong way.

Women think that men should take the lead:

Women find it charming if a man confidently shows his assertiveness and take the lead. Even those who believe in equality, secretly believe that the men should take the first lead. Women like to be impressed, and if a man chooses an excellent cocktail bar, he instantly gains points.

Women overanalyse everything:

To find how the guys feel about them and whether they are interested in them, women overanalyse the smallest details. It counts for women how much time the guy takes to reply to their texts, and it also matters how a guy has said goodbye on the date.

Men prefer convenience:

Men are not that proactive in some aspects of their lives, and dating is one of them. Men might put efforts initially, but once the routine is set, they want a partner who can be reached in a short journey. And that is why in many cases, geography plays a vital role. Women, don’t take this on yourselves as an hour of Uber ride might be the main issue.

Men need clarity:

Men are not into texting, overanalysing, or predicting from body language. And that is why they often feel confused at the end of their dates. They are not sure whether women like them, regardless of the amount of flirting and touching. To feel confident to ask her out for the next date, men need clear signs. A simple message from women can give them relaxation.

Men love the challenges:

If there is something unattainable, men love to chase it. Whether it is the next career move, a new car, or a woman they cannot have. If a woman is unattainable, then men’s primal instincts will lead them to win her over. Men are focus oriented, and they set a goal to achieve something. If a woman seems little indifferent in her reply when asked out, then she will get all the attention from the man. However, once the goal is achieved, both man and woman are equally responsible for keeping the spark alive.


These are some of the basic behaviour patterns of both men and women when it comes to dating. Good communication and honesty is the key to begin every relationship. If you master these two, you can go a long way. It is time to find a good online dating site for singles and start looking for the love of your life.

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