What are solar racking and why do you need it?

Mibet solar racking is a system of steel structures and supports brackets installed on rooftops, carports, or other hard-surface locations. Solar racking is designed to accommodate storage racks for solar panels. The solar panels are mounted on the storage racks, which are fixed on the framework of the racking system. The mibet solar racking system is typically oriented vertically to maximize the potential of vertical mounting of solar arrays on the rooftop or vertical wall or to allow installation near windows, doors and other openings.

While the Single Axis Solar Tracking System and PV Tracking System has been used to serve as a sales tool for its manufacturers over time, most buyers of commercial photovoltaic systems consider a solar racking system to be one of many useful options for mounting PV panels.

At the street level, a PV Tracking System can be seen as a photovoltaic system of several parts, which are usually sold separately. The standard set comprises:

TheMibet solar racking(rails) and the support structure(brackets) mount the solar panels.

  • The solar mounting system hardware(sockets, bolts, nuts and washers) attached the modules to the frame. A typical set may include rails in lengths of 80, 120 or 160 cm (24″, 48″, 72″).
  • Brackets in lengths of either 1.25 m or 2 m (4’or 6′).
  • Some rails and brackets are designed to have a built-in junction box for wiring and conduit and a cable management system.
  • Solar panels with connectors, usually 30 or 60 cm (1′ or 2′) in length, are also available for use with the racking system and are usually chosen depending on the roof’s mounting location and available space.


Solar racking systems are designed to be mobile. They are designed with a replaceable frame and rails (in 1.25 m, 2 m and 3 m), so when the installation needs to be done in a new location, then in Solar Tracking System only the rails need to be replaced. In some cases, the racking system may require minimal assembly on the roof before being installed (such as fixing roof mounts). Solar panels in a standard racking system, as of 2015, typically range from 300 to 300 W each offers the best panels

The Single Axis Solar Tracking Systemare made of solid steel, usually galvanized or painted with a textured paint finish. There are no welded joints in any part of the racking system, nor any tubing used, only solid steel and heavy-duty brackets for mounting the rails and solar panels.

TheMibet solar racking installer or distributor often selects solar racking because it is simply a better solution than rail-less mounting systems, which use two-by-fours and other wood framing methods that require more installation time, more labour and more materials, resulting in a heavier, less durable and potentially flimsy system.

Benefits Of Solar Racking

Solar technology has been increasing in popularity lately, and solar racking is one of the reasons for that. Solar racks are a high-quality alternative to roof panels and are gaining popularity because they offer a variety of benefits. Several businesses and organizations employ solar racking applications, but there may be some benefits you didn’t know about yet. The following benefits of solar racking will give you a better perspective on the advantages of using this kind of technology.

Cost Saving

Install solar panels is quite low, but there are still possible costs if you want to install panels on your home. It doesn’t matter how efficient your panels are or how high the quality of the panels is; if you don’t have them installed, you will still have a loss in money. If you install solar racking, you can control the amount of energy used in your home. The power that is generated from the solar panels will be stored and used at a later date when it is needed.


Installing solar panels on your roof doesn’t mean that you will have access to free energy. The truth is that you can reduce your home’s power bill by installing a few solar panels, but it also comes with the price of being entirely dependent on the electrical grid. If your home is equipped with solar racking and solar panels, you will be able to generate your power. It’s not free energy from the sun, but it is clean energy generated from the sun. This may allow you to stay off the electrical grid for up to 99% of the time.





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